Laura Blair founded In Villas Veritas 15 years ago to provide a service to friends and referrals who knew she was the "go to" gal for villas in France & Italy. An American born and raised abroad, she has an extensive knowledge of the countries, and marvelous homes available for rent though her network of friends worldwide. As a long time villa renter herself, she understands what her clients want from a villa vacation: comfort, beauty, good location for touring, space for family and friends to spread out, and service to provide a relaxing stay. And, most importantly, no surprises, except of the pleasurable kind. To our mind, these are the essentials that should be true for any rental whether in a charming farmhouse or a luxurious villa. Laura Blair sets herself apart by providing firsthand knowledge of each and every property she represents as well as working closely with all her clients.

Laura Blaire Laura Blair

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