Laura Blair founded In Villas Veritas in 1997 to provide a service to friends and referrals who knew she was the go-to for beautiful villas. An American born and raised abroad, she has extensive knowledge of the countries, and marvelous homes available for rent through her networks worldwide. As a long time villa renter herself, she understands what her clients want from a villa vacation: exclusivity, beautiful surroundings, comfort, and excellent staff to provide a relaxing stay. And, most importantly, no surprises, except the pleasurable kind. These are the essentials that should be true for any rental whether in a historic castle or a lavish beachfront villa.

Laura Blair and her experienced staff, each with over 20 years in the luxury travel business, set themselves apart by providing firsthand knowledge of each and every property and region they represent and by working closely with their clients to ensure a seamless and enjoyable vacation. Their property selections include only the most upscale and luxurious worldwide.


Laura Blair
Founder and Director
Laura Blair is always on the go, vetting properties and experiencing all the best that the IVV regions have to offer. Her passion for both travel and professional excellence have been the driving force making In Villas Veritas a premier luxury villa agency.
She strives for perfection but also appreciates the organic unfolding of a “perfect” holiday. The “perfect” stay is one that allows that mix of curated activity and also leisure time for family and friends in beautiful settings that make for special and long lasting memories.
Julia Waller
Head of Villa Sales and Services
Born and raised in New York city, Julia grew up globe hopping with her family. With a great appreciation for all that other countries and cultures have to offer, Julia has worked in luxury travel and then high end villa rentals since the mid-1990s.
She joined In Villas Veritas in 2013 to help expand their portfolio in Mexico and the Caribbean and has since traveled extensively throughout these areas and Europe to visit properties and experience the regions. Julia uses these experiences to create marvelous, curated holidays for the well-travelled IVV clientele.
Caroline Hunt
Senior Trip Designer
Born and raised in Zimbabwe, Caroline developed a love for nature and the outdoors and could often be found in the bush with her two German Shepherds. After 20 years in the global, luxury hotel business she decided to make a change and reconnect with her roots. For the last 10 years, Caroline has been designing highly customized, luxury safaris to Africa.
Sharing her knowledge and expertise, Caroline ensures not only an incredible journey, but one that is authentic and impactful for both her clients and the local communities and wildlife they encounter.